In order to deliver high quality care during the COVID 19 Pandemic, OWN has developed a virtual care model in the context of social distancing and societal responsibility. The term virtual denotes that all participants in the Circle of Care are at separate locations and are connected remotely by technology solutions.

This page provides an overview of the process for delivering virtual assessment/treatment. These solutions will enable OWN assessment and treatment teams to schedule and conduct virtual visits. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines “telehealth” as the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities.

Quality of care continues to be paramount and our platform and approach is grounded in best practices.


OWN will enable telehealth solutions for:

  • OWN Partner – Comprehensive Assessment/Follow-up/Specialty Consultation
  • OWN Partner – OWN Partner (Specialty Consultation as required)
  • Treatment
    • 1:1 (clinician to their Worker)
    • 2:1 (clinicians to Worker)
    • 1: many (clinician to group Worker session)

Outcome measures will continue to be provided electronically.

Intake paperwork including consents will be provided securely to the Worker via secure Worker portal or password protected documents.

Assessments will be delivered over secure, privacy-compliant telehealth service platforms.


  • Upon providing the worker with information about the current Virtual Care Service Delivery format, the worker is willing and has provided consent to participate in telehealth services.
  • Access to telehealth technology and reliable transmission services
    • Smart phone, computer with camera, tablet with camera, internet and email
  • Worker must be at an accessible physical address known to the assessors should there be a medical emergency requiring 911 services


  • Worker declines telehealth services
  • Based on urgency triage, worker has been identified as requiring emergent services and will be directed to local Emergency Department. Anticipate that this will occur rarely; however, triage process in place to manage should this occur.
  • Workers residing in Quebec. There will be ongoing review of this criteria based on decision making and information received from respective Colleges.
  • Workers requiring interpretation services.