Frequently Asked Questions

Your login information can be found in the email(s) you received from your program or study. The information includes the Program NamePatient ID, and (temporary) Password.

To access your outcomes survey, you will need to go to the Patient Portal Login page and enter the login information from your email. To reach the login page, click on the survey link near your login information or further down by clicking the link to the Patient Portal Login page in the instructions section of the email.

All outcome survey links provided are only available for a limited amount of time. If the outcome survey link by your login information in the email appears to be expired, try using the general link further down the email in the instructions section to reach the Patient Portal Login page.

      • Ensure that all login information (Program Name, Patient ID and Password) exactly matches what is shown in the email.
      • Take care to not select the wrong Program Name as there are multiple studies with very similar names. The Program Name may be changed by using the corresponding drop-down menu.
      • Ensure that the password that you input is correctly capitalized as all passwords are case sensitive.
      • If you are copying and pasting the password directly from the email, ensure that you do not copy and paste any blank spaces before or after the password.
      • All temporary passwords are 8 characters long – check to make sure there are 8 dots in the password field after typing in your password.

If you have forgotten your password or seem to be having trouble with it, you may press the “Reset my password” link in your email. Clicking this link prompt our system to send you a new email with a temporary password.

After entering all your login information for the first time, you will be prompted with the “Change Password” screen. For security purposes, you will be asked to create a new personal password in the first box and confirm the new password in the box below. The strength bar will turn green when your new personal password is strong enough for our system. Press the “CHANGE” button in order to proceed.

It takes a bit of time for the Patient Portal to process the password change so please let the page load for a minute. If the page still appears to be stuck, you are directed to an error page, or you are directed back to the login page, please go back to the initial login page by clicking the link in your email. You should now be able to login using the password you recently created.

When you are due to complete an outcome survey, you will periodically receive these emails as a reminder to finish the survey. Once all outstanding surveys are completed, you should not receive any more emails until the next set of survey(s) become available.

Alternatively, some programs or studies may require you to complete more than one survey. If there is more than one survey available for you to complete, you will receive an email for each outstanding survey. The emails will have different subject headings and will contain different sets of login information. Please review the contents of the emails carefully and ensure that you have completed the corresponding survey prior to deleting them.

If the questions above did not address your issue, you should contact the provider responsible for sending your outcome survey. Search out the appropriate contact information in your email, or you may reply directly to the email. Be sure to include the details of your problem when you respond.

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