Together We Can!

Care closer to home

Provincial coverage to improve management of injured workers in Ontario

Integrated & Coordinated Care

Leveraging the strengths across the network to provide comprehensive, highest quality care including mental health, complex pain and substance management

Enabling Technology

Our cloud-based Case Management Platform helps Workers and Partners gain perspectives on gaps in care, performance measures and more

Our Vision

Through leveraging of partnerships, technology, and shared learning, we aim to be a benchmark in innovation and coordinated delivery of care of  injured workers.

Ensuring that ALL workers return to employment in an expedited manner with respect and dignity, enabling their families, their communities, and the economy.

  • To help Workers get better quicker

    High quality assessment and treatment, outcome metrics, mental health, pain management and substance support.

  • Provide quality care closer to home

    Develop OWN’s partners reach and expertise.

  • Achieve the highest outcomes of care

    Use performance metrics to focus on quality improvement and education.

  • Create innovation in healthcare delivery in Ontario

    Use OWN’s network, partners, research and technology to change service delivery and build communities of practice.

Our Mission

To be compassionate provider of Worker-centered care with an emphasis on world class specialty care for the Workers in Ontario. Through a provincial network of partners, connected by technology and shared learning, workers will be treated in their own communities, with a focus on quality treatment and support to expedite return to work and getting back to what matters.

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